We must think about Game philosophy

Peoples & Opinion 2006/11/01 15:26
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I has been thinking about game philosophy a long time ago, especially
when I saw a news that some American guys shoot their friends just for nothing
impacted by game like as Doom.

But Yes, I think that is not only game problem but also other problem must be
exist with that guys.

Nowtime the game is prevail worldwide,
Korea  also has a same problem associate with game , specially for Items in MMO.

It's true or not , It is definitly true that many people who plays MMO games
has been addicted. And they are suffer from addiction.
I think it's potentialy big problem to make games for our
human community.

I was a game developer and also  I plays many games everyday.
But I think the games is for fun , not for addiction. so we must think about
game philosophy especially , game developer must to do.

I think the good game is , not only provide a fantastic fun but also give us
a good philophy. only fun or only addiction is not good.

From  EuiBeom Hwang (xevious7)


PS. english isn't my mother's tongue , so sentense is rough
I'm sorry about that :)

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