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프로그래밍/안드로이드 개발 2020/01/20 13:19
I released this year Simple cute city building simulation game on Google play.
I started this game project on last year, march 19th 2019.
About 9 month development. but the game engine developed at 2015 based on Objective-C & OpenGL.
When I saw this engine source in old hard disk.
that time I suddenly eagar to developement of this simulation game.
So I converted it to Java and OpenGL based module and so on.
3 month graphics resource work.
3 month engine coversion(2 weeks) logic and UI programming.
3 month testing , sound music compose. etc.

So far it is not hit on store but personally I was very pleased by that development
because It was a something like old dream.
Anyway some of my people asked me " Is that game released?" so I write this post and
also for developemnt recording.

I uploaded this game developement log to my youtube channel.
this is link. Development V-log

Playmovie link. Play movie
and Google Play Link.KKYU World
(Free game, in-app , ad included. not released some country including South Korea)
Homepage Link.KKYU World Homepage

Thakyou all for your concern. Happy new year !

sincerly yours

Euibeom Hwang.

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