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  1. 2008/10/20 발매 그후 , After Released iPhone S/W. (6)

발매 그후 , After Released iPhone S/W.

프로그래밍/iPhone S/W개발 2008/10/20 13:14
In Fact , I was hesitated to write this story , because  feels some shame at to write..
actually you know my released game isn't great.
But I endeavored these games I think it deserved for 99 cents. if I thought my games
has more value than 0.99$ then I actually I charged other values.
but I thought  0.99$ is fair.

After released frist game Just Jump And Roll , there is no user response !!
no review so far . It is just like buried.

Ah ! , I already know about that. There's no free lunch.
You know actually it is my favoriate idom.
And I Never thought get a free lunch even in dreams.

because , I also do same. if I'm not interested in , I wouln't buy them.
So ! , I thought "they didn't like jump game , or they didn't know that games"
because of  JJAR(Just Jump And Roll) released on actually 15th Oct.
but on applestore released date is 27 Sep. (this date is app review apply date).

You know itunes browsing default is released date. so JJAR is just far a way.
Anyway ! , I thought  there is too much  ball game I know  maybe this is critical.

So Just Jump And Roll just failed so far!.
But I'm preparing updates for Just Jump And Roll for a customer
Even if there is one customer.

Next story is about FreshWater Aquarium.
FreshWater Aquarium is really just released.  just one-day passed.
I don't know how many users get this items yet. because it's just released.
there is a no data.

But , there is review !!
A valuable review!!! that I just dreamed ! it's amazing ! it's fantastic !
even negative review like following !

"It was very disappointing. Fish look like sticks with fins. Animation needs
much improvement." from StephenGale. rated 1star.

I'm sorry about that Stepen ! , I also thought so.
I just need more time and money.
It's true! , animation needs much improvement. !!
But , I know it sounds like excuse , because of this game is 2D-based game
so it needed a lot of  frame graphics resource for natural moving fish animation
like real animation.
It's some too heavy burden for me now.
But I promised this. if I get a more time and money and resource
I will realeased really natural 3D fish moving and aqarium simulation.
please understand me. I made this game all by myself. this game is one-man game.
it's just only 3-weeks version.
thankyou for opinion.

Thankyou ! Thankyou all !

Especially , one japanese user blog's review ! here is link.
And Also official review from user id Deamon Sith
Deamon Sith's review is really good review as like he is a professional game reviewer
Here is Daemon Sith's game review about FreshWater Aquarium

finally a pocket aquarium , rated 4star.

nice background and fish graphics and basic movements.
fish grow bigger and increase in cash value.
can sell fish and buy more from the store
holds 35 fish onscreen and 12 different fish to buy
you can have a lot of fish in the aquarium, a lot!
menu have the option to feed fish
can also follow a fish with the camera
the camera can me moved with your finger to see the whole tank

needs a zoom out to see the aquarium fullscreen
the fish move too fast like they are on crack, needs adjusting
could use some fine tuning to make them more realistic in movement.
the store needs a counter to tell you how many of each specific fish are in your tank
the bubbles could be more realistic
needs more variety in fish, three alone look way too similar.

feature requests:
more variety in the store please. add things like snails , worms, crawfish,
crabs, aquatic frogs, trurtles and catfish
expand the store to upload our own images. but let us know the size the image
should be(ex. 600x300)
adding cleaning tools would be cool. like buying filters to keep the the water
clean. or a cleaning sponge to clean algae from the glass.
add accessories to the store. like rocks, plants, branches, treature chest, diver,

bubble options, turn on one, two, three, etc or off.
selectable gravel type/color would be cool.
make the menu button in the corner and let it hide when not in use.
when you press the corner it should appear and you can press it to bring up the menu
and the cash you have.
a start menu of each fish you own and how much they are worth would be nice to
help keep track of your fish let us buy more food the fish
(although the one you feed now looks like mike and ikes which is cool)

all in all its a great app. out of the box its already a lot of fun to play with and
well worth 99 cents.
there are some small issues but very minor and easily fixed in a update.
i hope to see lots of updates and more fish because it supports a lot of fish
onscreen at once and i would love to see more. thanks for the coop app !
was not disappointed.

WoW ! , he is really know about the games.
he explains my app detail. of cause!!  it's more precise and  fair than
my poor application description on appstore.

he exactly knows about what is missing of Freshwater aquarium.
thankyou for your opinion. I appriciate !!

Now I makes next minor update for FreshWater Aquarium
It's just minor update. likes sound add.  bubble graphics change.
and autosave problem fix
.(if you don't use shop and don't change fish
, fish size and value dosn't saved --- known bugs. it's not intended.)

And  I will updated this S/W continously