Thinking of a logic for coding

다이어리|일상/English Diary 2006/04/19 12:22
A thinking of a logic for coding .
sometimes it is very boring  , no , may be it's some bizzare feeling about this work.
anyway time and time I usually surfing internet , reading some contents anything else
, or listen music.
but each time the idea will not flash through my mind. plz give a break !

and then
I always close my eyes  and think about a island of fantastic that I imagine..
of cause ,you know there is very beautiful things  such as  flowers , trees and so on.
and I concentrate my mind into that island which is full of funny thing
that moment I forget everything.

and I think about that code again.


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  1. MaseR 2006/04/29 18:55 MODIFY/DELETE REPLY

    코딩을 하다가 막히면 잠깐 여유를 갖고 다시 코딩을 한다 인가요??
    전 코딩하다 막히면 이렇게 하기도 하지만 로직에 대한 사색에 잠기며 동네 한바퀴를 돌고 오기도 합니다.^^;

  2. xevious7 2006/04/29 20:25 MODIFY/DELETE REPLY

    MaseR // 네 그 방법도 참 좋은 방법인듯 합니다. 어떤 연구결과에 의하면
    움직일때가 더 많은 아이디어를 얻어낼수 있다고 합니다. 그래서 보통 사람들은
    생각을 할때 많이 움직이는가 봅니다.

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