Moving has completed.

다이어리|일상/English Diary 2006/05/18 10:25

Yesterday, our familly has moved to new home.
and my internet connect has changed to ntopia(100m optical wan's brand name of KT)

it's only 2 minutes to downloaing 1.4G file. it's so great.

Then suddenly I recall the ages of modem 12 years ago, that time  
my computer had downloaded all the night time for very 10 mega files. duh.!!


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  1. MaseR 2006/05/28 13:21 MODIFY/DELETE REPLY

    좋은 집으로 이사하셨네요. 정말 부럽습니다.
    전화세 걱정하던 시절은... 제발^^

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